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Current Teaching Schedule

December 7th 2019: City College Peterborough, Take Three Wines pt 1

Saturday afternoon course 2 - 4pm, The spotlight is on 3 grape varieties: Malbec, Barbera and Chenin Blanc. We will examine and taste at least one example of each grape. Food and wine matching, factors influencing wine styles included in the appreciation.

Student fee: £20. Contact the college on 01733 761361 for more details.



February 1st 2020: same venue, Take Three Wines pt 2

Saturday afternoon course 2-4pm. The spotlight is on 3 more grapes: Tempranillo, Grenache and Verdejo. A similar wine appreciation course to the above.

Student fee: £20. Same venue, contact details as above.



May 23rd 2020: same venue, Take Three Wines pt 3

Saturday afternoon course 2-4pm. This time the focus is on 3 classic blends: red and white Bordeaux, and reds from the Rhone Valley. Otherwise a similar wine appreciation course to those above. Same fee, venue and contact details.


Hope to see you there!


In the meantime I am available to give Wine Talks on a range of topics. 

You may be wondering what level of wine talk I give. For several years I tutored on behalf of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust at Certificate and Higher Certificate level. So talks are pitched at Beginner or Intermediate rather than Diploma level.


What is provided at the talk?

Wines, wine glasses and tasting notes. 


Where can the talk be delivered?

Within 50 miles of Stamford. Nottingham, Leicester, Cambridge, Lincoln and Northampton fall within this radius.

What is the cost of a talk?

Prices start at £65 plus expenses (expenses being wines, travel and materials).

Call to discuss your requirements.


Amongst other things wine knowledge is a useful social skill. Food and wine matching is discussed, how to store and serve your wines, and just what do words like "terroir" really mean?