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Some Favourite Wine Regions in Paint


The rolling hills of the Marche from which Verdicchio hails, are depicted here, alongside a coaster with bush-trained vines typical of Rioja.


Chablis is produced on the slopes of the Serein River Valley, hence the water and fish! Rutherglen can be found near the upper reaches of the great Murray River in Australia, noted on this image.


Chateauneuf is famous for its pudding stones, or galets, depicted on this coaster.


Valdepenas is famous for its clay storage jars shown in this image. The Hunter Valley is of course a great place for wine grapes.


Barolo just celebrates the name itself - maybe because it sounds like barrels, and just rolls off the tongue!


The whitewashed walls of so many buildings in Jerez (from which we get the name Sherry) are remembered on this coaster, and on the Beaujolais coaster I tried to trace a line of its hills under the name.