Current Coasters

Gently Informative Wine Coasters

As a teacher I'm a great believer in putting information across in all sorts of ways, recognizing we each have our own learning style. Those who are visual learners may best appreciate imagery, maps and strong colours, perhaps symbols too.


There is a white grape image for Muscadet, lots of white spray in the Champagne coaster, and a suggestion of water flowing under the word Bordeaux.


If the Champagne image suggests a set of steps, that is deliberate too, to depict the steps down to those cellars where the wine is stored.


Hills, grapes and sunshine can be visualised in the Cote D'Or coaster, home of great Burgundies.


Long Table Coaster - Coming Soon in 2020

Got friends or family round? Tasting some wine? (Even better)!

The Loire coaster set is made up of six, which, side by side trace the Loire Valley and its grape growing districts in western France. How about two lines of six opposite each other at your table, where you can chat and enthuse about such wines as Muscadet, Anjou Blanc, Chinon, Sancerre and so on. Painterly hand painted coasters in the form of a colourful wine map.