Welcome to Under the Cork, your online source for wine-themed coasters and entertaining Wine Talks

Under the Cork was founded in 2012 by author and artist John F J Brooks BA Hons. John has a wealth of experience in the Drinks Industry, but continues to learn by working as a Partner in Waitrose, Stamford Lincolnshire. He is also a qualified teacher in further and adult education. He is the author of Raft for Life, published in 2019 by Austin Macauley.


In Raft for Life he expresses his love of wine, but also his affection for art, music and poetry, which have given long abiding pleasure.


Therefore on this website there are Wine Pages and Arts Pages, a North Bank and a South Bank if you like!


John has taught on Wine Courses for many years. During this time he has produced wine-themed coasters, available here and on Etsy. He can also be contacted to give entertaining talks on a range of wine-related topics.

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